5 Reasons To Visit Washington

The United States Capitol building.

The capital of the United States of America is one of the most visited cities in the country and in the world, despite the fact that in the city there are no nightlife and no crazy shopping. Most likely, you have your own reasons to visit Washington, but maybe you still do not surmise them. A Escondido Exterminator who is also my friend was explaining more about it. He said that:

History and Patriotism

After spending a week in Washington, you can learn about the history of the United States more than after taking a geography course. The points of the informative program are the following: Library of Congress, which can be visited by anyone over 16, Mount Vernon, where George Washington lived and worked, National Mall with all the memorials and monuments, Ford’s Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was killed. And be sure to go to the Newseum with several cinemas, where you can watch mini-movies about the history of journalism, as well as a virtual newsroom, where you can try yourself as newsmen – reporter or editor.


A trip to Washington may be the best trip of your life. It’s not just a capital, but also the center of American political life. The Capitol, the White House, and finally the well-known State Department – all these can be found here.

Lots of light

Washington can boast 300 days of sunshine a year. Paradoxically, most tourists come to the US capital in July and August – a time when the temperature constantly exceeds 30 degrees above zero. During these months, the main attractions have the largest queues, so plan a trip in the autumn or spring: the weather is more comfortable and you’ll spend less time on waiting.

Natural world

There are a lot of opportunities for healthy outdoor activities in Washington. You will not regret if you go for a day to the Great Falls of the Potomac, which can be reached by bike with a picnic basket. You can spend time in Rock Creek Park, with the planetarium and riding school. From the late March to mid-April, sakura trees blow in Washington DC. As in Japan, all kinds of festivals and cultural events are held in the city during this period.

Weekend with children

Once Washington had a reputation of the criminal city, but in the last 10 years, it has become one of the safest in the US, so it is perfect for a family trip. And children will like it: the US capital has a huge zoo with pandas, the Museum of Natural History, Air and Space Museum, a huge botanical garden. The access to all these wonderful places is absolutely free. Among Washington’s restaurants and cafes, there are many pizzerias and snack bars with a menu for children.

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