Saudi Arabia and its City Riyadh

9576-riyadh_Kingdom_Tower_2Saudi Arabia is only holiest country for Muslims. Saudi Arabia is 98% desert area.  Saudi Arabia touches the border of Jordan and Iraq in North. Kuwait is located in north, Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates in east, Oman in southeast, and Yemen in south.

I know a lot of Muslims in the town. I was getting some information about San Antonio Commercial water filtration while i met a Muslim in there who was an old friend of mine. As i was researching about Saudi Arabia so i asked him about the place. He said Saudi Arabia has four distinct regions Hejaz, Najd and parts of Eastern Arabia (Al-Ahsa) and southern Arabia.

This is an amazing place to visit but Saudi Arabian government give visas to non-muslims only in case if person is on business trip or as guests of its citizen. There are so many places in Saudi Arabia that are totally eye-catching.

Kingdom Center:

Kingdom center is located in Riyadh. It is on 25th tallest building in the world and 1st tallest building in Saudi Arabia. It has many outlets of world number brands, many hotels, offices, entertainment centers and much more fun. It has 41 floors.

National Zoo:

This zoo is located in Riyadh. This is amazing zoo having more than 1400 animals belongs to 40 species. This zoo has specific days for men and women.

National Museum:

This museum is located in Riyadh. National museum Riyadh has many great collections of documents, antiques that represent the Saudi Arabia’s past and present culture. This museum has 8 exhibition halls. The main aim of museum is to educate their youth by showcasing such beautiful cultural items and let them know about history of Islam and much more beyond. This museum is also an attraction piece for visitors.

Masmak Fort:

It is located in Riyadh. The material used in this fort is clay and mud bricks. It was built in 1865. This fort has a great history. This fort is now open for public as a museum to make them aware of fort’s history and war stories.

Wait the beauty doesn’t end here it’s so much to discover about Riyadh and other cities of Saudi Arabia.


5708440213_306be8eed1_b-1024x768“Romance”, the very sound of the word brings joy to our hearts and if you are planning to have a vacation with the love of your life, Paris is the ultimate romantic destination. Other than the knowledge about the Eifel tower, French food and French romance, most of us are unaware about this love destination. Being French to be the local language, it is essential that one should research well before flying to Paris for their dream holiday. So here we are with some quick tips on Paris as given by Miami Roofing .

Accommodation: If you are a first timer, Grand Hotel De L’Univers Paris situated in the middle of district of f Saint-Germain des Prés is perfect for you. The hotel is based on Parisian style built exclusively to serve the guest with a glimpse of Parisian style living. It is decorated with Rubella fabric, stone walls etc. The plus point of staying in this hotel is that it lies in a location which is only a walking distance from the major attractions.

Food can’t be missed: Bakeries are called ‘boulangerie’ in French. Pastries of all different styles, kinds and flavours can be enjoyed in Paris. The most famous among these is PAUL. It is a small family business turned big firm with lots of franchises. However, its big name doesn’t affect the freshness taste and the authentic French surroundings, in which it is served.

Bistros: When it comes to the Bistros, elais de Venise L’Entrecote has always been the talk of the town since last five decades. There are a large number of Bistros but this remains the apple of the eye of the locals as well as the tourists. It is also famous for its menu that serves only one dish i.e. Steak, salad and French fries.

When it comes to shopping in Paris, Galeries Lafayette is the one stop shop for everything you want. It is a convenience store that will have anything from kitchenware to the bathroom necessities. The experience of shopping in this store is very different than the regular.

If you are a fashion enthusiastic and would love gathering the fashion bits of Paris, make your way through the Obelisk of Luxor of Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe of Place Charles de Gaulle – the Champs-Elysees, the Paris fashion street.

When it comes to visiting places in Paris, Eiffel tower is the one place that can never be missed. It is an iron lattice tower and indeed a Parisian icon which stands 324m high in the air.  It stands in the beautiful garden surrounded by tourists and children in the day time. It glitters up the city at night with its bright light. Other amazing places to visit at France are Arc De Triomphe, Musee du Louvre, Centre Georges Pompidou, Perse Lachaise Cemetery, etc.

And if in Paris, one can never miss the beauty of Paris at night time!

Business Travel Suggestions – Best Package For A Business Trip

language-culture-mannerThese tips were given by my friend who works as Insulation Dyersburg Use tips pointers travel plan and to create a worry-free Business packing travel plan.


If you are putting your clothes together for Business, experiment with one color instead of your entire favorites. That makes it easy for one to join and present a great Business persona for your assemblies. With an one color scheme, you Won’t have to pack multiple pieces of clothing.

If you’d like to include a little of shade, you may include a colored shirt or scarf you like (perhaps it can be your favorite, or it gives you that ‘additional OOMPH’ that you need for self confidence – or to compliment your appearance).

Tips about packing shoes:As much as shoes are something that some girls say they can not ‘live without,’ pack no more than two or three sets. Ensure you’ve got just one set of high heels in your bag and a set of flats. If you wear high heels all day long and evening long, then during your Business excursion, when what you desire (demand) most would be to glow, perhaps you are experiencing painful leg and back discomfort.

Along with practical shoes, girls who travel may need to pack cosmetics. With make-up and on a business trip – Less is better. Cosmetics during a business trip actually should not be maximal so that you just present an educated, experienced and professional appearance. Base, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, eye liner, and powder, are several of the items which you should contemplate in packing. Less is more – mascara and lip gloss can go quite a distance in making a professional looking demo.

All Travelers:

Regular business travelers should make a habit of packing their bags when they return from a business trip to it. By doing this, when they need to travel on short notice, worry and the pressure of packing is reduced.

5 Reasons To Visit Washington

The United States Capitol building.

The capital of the United States of America is one of the most visited cities in the country and in the world, despite the fact that in the city there are no nightlife and no crazy shopping. Most likely, you have your own reasons to visit Washington, but maybe you still do not surmise them. A Escondido Exterminator who is also my friend was explaining more about it. He said that:

History and Patriotism

After spending a week in Washington, you can learn about the history of the United States more than after taking a geography course. The points of the informative program are the following: Library of Congress, which can be visited by anyone over 16, Mount Vernon, where George Washington lived and worked, National Mall with all the memorials and monuments, Ford’s Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was killed. And be sure to go to the Newseum with several cinemas, where you can watch mini-movies about the history of journalism, as well as a virtual newsroom, where you can try yourself as newsmen – reporter or editor.


A trip to Washington may be the best trip of your life. It’s not just a capital, but also the center of American political life. The Capitol, the White House, and finally the well-known State Department – all these can be found here.

Lots of light

Washington can boast 300 days of sunshine a year. Paradoxically, most tourists come to the US capital in July and August – a time when the temperature constantly exceeds 30 degrees above zero. During these months, the main attractions have the largest queues, so plan a trip in the autumn or spring: the weather is more comfortable and you’ll spend less time on waiting.

Natural world

There are a lot of opportunities for healthy outdoor activities in Washington. You will not regret if you go for a day to the Great Falls of the Potomac, which can be reached by bike with a picnic basket. You can spend time in Rock Creek Park, with the planetarium and riding school. From the late March to mid-April, sakura trees blow in Washington DC. As in Japan, all kinds of festivals and cultural events are held in the city during this period.

Weekend with children

Once Washington had a reputation of the criminal city, but in the last 10 years, it has become one of the safest in the US, so it is perfect for a family trip. And children will like it: the US capital has a huge zoo with pandas, the Museum of Natural History, Air and Space Museum, a huge botanical garden. The access to all these wonderful places is absolutely free. Among Washington’s restaurants and cafes, there are many pizzerias and snack bars with a menu for children.

What To Bring From Rome

140423-roman-aqueductPlanning a trip to Rome? You have already made a list of sights you intend to visit, booked tickets and a hotel. We recommend thinking about the souvenirs that you can bring back home. It should be done beforehand, as it will save your money. Moreover, you can find some shops near your hotel in advance. My friend  What to bring from Rome? We will explain what souvenirs you should pay attention at. My uncle who works at Weed control Jackson TN was giving me more information about this which is as follows:

Leather products

Of course, where to buy leather shoes, bags, and other products as not in the capital of Italy. There is a huge choice of leather goods here. You can go to the markets and small shops, where you can buy excellent leather handbag, belt, gloves and much more at a very affordable price; in the authentic shop, where several generations of some Italian family are working on hand manufacturing of shoes; or you can go to the boutiques, where you will find not only quality products but also a great name, drawn on them. Your choice depends on the size of your wallet.

Italian food

Perhaps, the best-loved goodies from Italy and Rome in particular – are food products.

  • Cheese

How can you remember all the varieties of Italian cheese? Almost every city and region have their own varieties and production technology. But there are “kings”, which are known to every cheese lover, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Gorgonzola, Pecorino Romano, Grana Padano, Caciocavallo, and many others. You should bring the authentic Italian cheese not only as a souvenir, but also for yourself.  

  • Olive oil

Of course, olive oil is a national product of Italy. Italians love it and know how to make it. Over 10 varieties of olives are grown in Italy. They all have different characteristics, respectively, oils obtained from different varieties of olives, differ from each other. It will be difficult to understand this abundance by yourself, but it is necessary to pay attention primarily to the class.  The best one is Olio extra vergine di oliva. And look at the bottle for the DOP icon (Denominazione di Origine Protetta), then you can be sure that you’re buying oil of excellent quality.

  • Pasta

Spaghetti, fettuccine, foam, rigatoni, tagliatelle, cannelloni, trophy and more than 350 types of pasta… Of course, most types of pasta (and even Italian ones) can be bought in your city, but still, you can bring pasta of unusual shapes and sizes, in beautiful gift boxes, multi-colored or even black pasta.

Religious gifts

The proximity of the Vatican – the residence of the Catholic Church lead – stipulates that in gift shops in addition to the usual souvenirs you will find religious products. Crosses, rosaries, holy water, and much more.


Rome is an amazingly photogenic city, so any book with pictures of the city will be an elegant gift. Such books can be easily found in bookstores or gift shops. Separately, we want to highlight a series of books called “Rome Reconstructed”, which are sold everywhere. This is a very interesting book that clearly shows the initial look of the city building, including the Colosseum and Temple Mount.

Places to visit in Nepal


It not just the good nature and hospitality of the Nepalese that constantly attract people from all over the location to avail Nepal tour packages. Obviously, travelers select to go to this Asian country because of its clear beauty. The country is home to superb sceneries that showcase its impressive heritage and culture, as well as pristine atmosphere.

Here are some of the must-see destinations:

Annapurna Range

Never miss the chance to see the mountains tops covered in white at the Annapurna Range. It is a wonderful sight to see it will make you surprise just how more charming can the globe get.

Trek Route to Mount Everest

Nepal is actually where Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the globe is. While the higher places are for expert hikers, trekkers can visit the foot of the mountain at the Khumbu area.

Chitwan National Park

As the primary national park in Nepal, Chitwan National Park was established in 1973, it, along with the neighboring Parsa Wildlife Reserve, has been house to different species of flora and fauna which people would definitely love to see. In 1984, the park was declared a Globe Heritage Place by UNESCO.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

One of the most amazing places in Nepal is the Kathmandu Durbar Square. It is generally seen in images whatever the country is mentioned. Hailed as a UNESCO Globe Heritage Place, this attraction was exactly a plaza of the old palace of Kathmandu Kingdom. People visit it for the superb structures flaunting the good looks of Nepalese architecture.

Changu Narayana

A very old temple placed on a hilltop at the Bhaktapur District, the Changu Narayanana is bordered by the forest of champak trees and Changu Village. It is dedicated to the Vishnu Hindu God and is considered the oldest temple in the Nepal. Every year, it is visited by tourists and pilgrims who want to pay homage to the deity or just marvel on the charming Nepalese art that it is, respectively.

Golden Gate

Another amazing attraction in Nepal is the Golden Gate. Strikingly magnificent and gorgeous, it specs reliefs of Garuda and Kali and royal carvings. It is a sight to behold and no visitor should ever let pass the chance of seeing it.

Pashupatinath Temple

The Pashupatinath Temple is perhaps the most vital Hindu Temple in country, and one of the most wonderful in the globe. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered a UNESCO Globe Heritage Place.

Tourists Attractions in Okinawa Japan


Okinawa Prefecture is placed in Japan and is one of the country southern prefectures, and consists of 100s of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain over one thousand km long, which spreads southwest from Kyushu to Taiwan. The capital of this location is Naha, which is placed in the Okinawa Island. This place is an extremely famous destination and has various visitor attractions. 1000s of visitors come here from all around the globe to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation. He love exploring new places so he suggested me some good places in Japan.

So, now let me tell you about the best visitor attractions in Okinawa, Japan.

Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle is a gusuku placed in Shuri, Okinawa. This location was used as a palace by the Ryukyu Kingdom and it was fully damaged in the Battle of Okinawa. In 1992, this palace was reconstructed keeping in mind the actual photographs and historical records of this location. This location is a big visitor attraction in Okinawa and is crowded by tourists all around the year.

Shikinaen Garden

This location was built at the end of the 17th century and was used as the next residence for the Ryukyu kings. This garden has mesmerizing places; beautiful wooden palace buildings build in the Okinawan style and the surrounded Japanese style gardens. You can see this remarkable garden from a circular path. The garden also has a bridge and a pond.

Nakagusuku Castle

This is another gusuku in Okinawa, Japan. This location was constructed by Sakinakagusuku Aji in the middle of 14th century and was spread ahead by Gosamaru in the start of 15th Century. The castle consists of six baileys, and each is on a different elevation. This castle also has 6 courtyards which were used as defense forts.

Nakamurake Residence

This is an old Okinawan style home which was constructed in the 18th century. This home was inhabited by the Nakamura family but now it is unlocked for the view of the general public. This home consists of a red tiled roof with status of shisa, top trees for protection and stone walls. The home is placed in Kita-Nakagusuku Village and is extremely near from Naha.

Hedo Misaki

Hedo Misaki is also called as Cape Hedo and is placed within Kunigami Village. The place is barely populated and is largely covered with hills and trees. From here you can get wonderful views of the main islands as well as the place surrounding it.

Other attractions of Okinawa include Tsuboya Pottery District, Kokusaidori, Ocean Expo Park and Okinawa World.

How to Pick the right Limousine

How to Pick the right Limousine

Many young adults are really looking forward to proms and want to appear in their best while some of them can even purchase or rent clothes they will put on just for that night and make sure that they make it special day. There is tendency for you to experience great excitement when you were at this younger age. Indeed, it is an excited occasion for them and somehow gets limousine service pick them up in their homes is something that can make the occasion a memorable one.

When you make your choice among the varieties of limousine service providers in your location, you need to know some essential things you must put into consideration.

The first thing to consider is how long a certain limousine service company has been in hiring business. The reason for this is that, it is the only way to have the good idea concerning the reliability of the company and the quality of the services which they offer.

Truly, you must ensure that the limousine company is functioning legally with license and authority from the Federal offices to run their vehicles. This is highly recommended as this will enable you to check them whether they follow the rules and regulations of the laws and to make sure they are concerns with the customers satisfaction. Apart from this, they should be able to show you their insurance in case any mishap at the course of the service. Therefore, it is very important that you check for their Certificate of Coverage before you hire any of them.

If you have made up your mind to choose the limousine you want to use for your occasion, you can do it personally as you visit their service centers or go online and check for the vehicles and prices by yourself. From there, you will discover that it is only the prices that are different while the capacity range is between 6 and 14 passengers. Later, it is the type of limousine service you choose that will be based on your requirements and your budget.

You can also consider the significance of hiring a limousine service in your locality whereby you will have to spend more money more so that those limo service providers that need to travel far will just come to your place and charge you extra fees. The charges on limousine services vary from one company to another therefore; make sure you ask about it before you finally conclude on which one to choose.

New Braunfels Cabin Rentals

Cabin Rentals, Local Attractions, and Dining Choices in New Braunfels, TX


Looking for a new braunfel hotel or Guadalupe River lodging then you are at the right place. Count on value and a touch of German charm at New Braunfels cabin rentals, ideally located near Comal River. Our New Braunfels, TX, hotel near Schlitterbahn Water Park offers quick access to all the fun places, making it easy to reach exciting area attractions within minutes.


Find everything you need for a great stay at our cabin rentals New Braunfels, TX. Start your morning with free Daybreak breakfast, and then take a dip in our heated outdoor pool. Free Wi-Fi Internet access means you can go online from our lobby or the comfort of your room. Take advantage of our guest laundry facilities and business center. Non-smoking and handicapped-accessible rooms are available.


Dive into miles of tube chutes, endless rivers and waves for surfing and splashing at Schlitterbahn Water Park, just minutes away from our New Braunfels, TX, hotel. Tube down the Guadalupe River, raft on the Comal River or just let the currents take you downstream. Dig deep underground to explore jaw-dropping rock formations centuries-in-the-making at Natural Bridge Caverns, just minutes away. With more than 140 stores to choose from, you score big savings on designer labels at San Marcos Outlet Malls, just 15 minutes from our door. Tee off on picture-perfect greens at The Bandit Golf Club, stroll through historic Gruene district, or sip local vintage flavours on the outdoor patio at The Grapevine Texas.


Walk to a variety of popular restaurants just minutes from our cabins in New Braunfels Texas. Go for an authentic German experience at Freisenhaus Restaurant, where Wiener schnitzel, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut all appear on the menu or satiate your Texas-size appetite with extra-juicy ribs, savory chops and steaks at New Braunfels Smokehouse, and our personal favorite is the brand new Comal Crawfish Company. They’re Open during Crawfish Season From Feb – June 


Best location accompanied by exceptional service make us the best cabin rentals in New Braunfels. Stay in a New Braunfels Texas vacation rentals, located in the heart of the city, and enjoy the the Comal River. Enjoy beautiful views along with exciting guest amenities including unlimited use of the Comal river during your stay and extended access to some of your favorite rides including the tube chute.

Best Place for Climbing Mount Kinabalu

Time is passing and i am entering into Fourty. Everyone says that every Fourty is a new thirty. Yesterday i was looking at some videos on YouTube where i found out that a child was born very poor in China but when he reached his fifties he was a billionaire. That way i am very concerned about my career.

But if i look back into my life, I realize that i have a lot of experiences to proud of. The unique one was the six years i spent in African bush. There i was miles away from home playing with wild animals(this idea might have been encouraged by some of the photos I sent back of interesting animal encounters). I wanted to use and put all my skills in co-camping the safari Camps in Kenya.

When going back into my memories, i found out that when i was a child i conquered Mount Kinabalu. I was a teenager when i take up this challenge and climb 4101 meter tall mountain twice joining church and school youth groups. Obviously you can think that it can’t be an easy task in child hood. Troubles and pains did not even come into question but the Joy was the gathering we had during the practice session.

My second experience with conquering mount Kinabalu was at the age of 19. I again conquered it twice. This mount has attracted a lot of people from around the world. The sole objective was to reach to the peak of that mount by sunrise.The mountain that is embodied in many logos and letterheads, for tourism companies and otherwise, is a proud feature for us in the Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo. Yet, more than 10 years after my last climb, I realise that my appreciation of this mountain has grown even more. A component I had not considered during my climbs is the cultural value of the mountain. I am grateful to have developed a deep understanding of this through my work with the Global Diversity Foundation, an NGO dedicated to promoting biocultural diversity. Mount Kinabalu is a sacred site for the indigenous Dusuns living in the area. Their deceased loved ones are buried facing the mountain so that their spirits can see the mountain as they begin their journey to the afterlife.