Best Place for Climbing Mount Kinabalu

Time is passing and i am entering into Fourty. Everyone says that every Fourty is a new thirty. Yesterday i was looking at some videos on YouTube where i found out that a child was born very poor in China but when he reached his fifties he was a billionaire. That way i am very concerned about my career.

But if i look back into my life, I realize that i have a lot of experiences to proud of. The unique one was the six years i spent in African bush. There i was miles away from home playing with wild animals(this idea might have been encouraged by some of the photos I sent back of interesting animal encounters). I wanted to use and put all my skills in co-camping the safari Camps in Kenya.

When going back into my memories, i found out that when i was a child i conquered Mount Kinabalu. I was a teenager when i take up this challenge and climb 4101 meter tall mountain twice joining church and school youth groups. Obviously you can think that it can’t be an easy task in child hood. Troubles and pains did not even come into question but the Joy was the gathering we had during the practice session.

My second experience with conquering mount Kinabalu was at the age of 19. I again conquered it twice. This mount has attracted a lot of people from around the world. The sole objective was to reach to the peak of that mount by sunrise.The mountain that is embodied in many logos and letterheads, for tourism companies and otherwise, is a proud feature for us in the Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo. Yet, more than 10 years after my last climb, I realise that my appreciation of this mountain has grown even more. A component I had not considered during my climbs is the cultural value of the mountain. I am grateful to have developed a deep understanding of this through my work with the Global Diversity Foundation, an NGO dedicated to promoting biocultural diversity. Mount Kinabalu is a sacred site for the indigenous Dusuns living in the area. Their deceased loved ones are buried facing the mountain so that their spirits can see the mountain as they begin their journey to the afterlife.